ASF: Moran: Video Games

Ben Moran

Positive Effects of Video Games:

1. Hand-Eye Coordination, Faster Reflexes: A lot of games require the player to react quickly and use their sensorimotor skills while doing so. After a while, you’re body will use your senses and coordinate them with your body to react appropriately and faster.

2. Following Instructions: Many games will have a set of instructions and rules that the gamer will have to follow and this helps child (and adults) learn to follow rules in a timely, effective manner.

3. Spawns Creativity: Games such as Minecraft or Sims stretch players to be innovative and use their imagination. By playing these games on a regular basis, players are given the ability to build and create whatever they want (sometimes within reason, other times not).

4. Teamwork and Cooperation: A large portion of games today are cooperative and have you working in a group. Without teamwork, a task or the game for that matter might never get finished. By stressing the importance of teamwork in games, that skill gets transferred to real life scenarios when the time arises.

5. Memory: Games have started to incorporate patterns and puzzles more and more regularly in the past decade. On top of this, a variety of games have statistics and details that require players to use memory to remember for future reference instead of constantly looking up info.