ISD’s Daily Brief, Wednesday, April 20

Zack Sargent, sophomore in horticulture, digs a trench to plant tulip bulbs in while Winston Beck, junior in horticulture, and Laura Weieneth, sophomore in horticulture, help in the process. The students are part of the Horticulture Club and were working at planting more than 1,500 tulip bulbs at the corner of Osborn Drive and Wallace Road on Monday. The tulips are expected to bloom in April and will add beautiful red and gold colors to the scenery.

Students plant trees as part of Arbor Day

Students in the Graduate Student Horticulture Society planted new life on campus Tuesday as part of Iowa State’s Arbor Day.

National Gallup survey reveals climate on college campus regarding First Amendment freedoms

Even as college campuses wrestle with free-speech policies designed to protect students from offensive or hurtful language, large majorities of college students consider each of the U.S. Constitution’s five First Amendment rights to be “secure.” read more here.

Faculty Senate approves new entrepreneurship major

The Faculty Senate met Tuesday in one of its last meetings of the spring semester and approved the motion to add “Major in Entrepreneurship” to the list of majors available in the College of Business.

ISU softball battles for CyHawk series trophy

The single biggest sporting rivalry in the state of Iowa: Iowa vs. Iowa State. Read more about the rivalry here

Review: Blue Man Group a little messy, a lot of fun

The audience filled the auditorium and up into two of three balcony levels. Early arrivals were treated to a quote from “The Social Synapse” while tribal drums beat in the background. Click the title to read more about the review.