Leadership summit to provide international women’s solutions

Mollie Shultz

One group on campus believes there needs to be more opportunities for international women’s leadership, especially on Iowa State’s campus, and it is getting together to show this.

The International Student Council will host the Aspiring International Women’s Leadership Summit from 11 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Saturday in Carver 204.

Members of the International Student Council are expecting about 30 students to attend the event, which is similar to years past. Despite the somewhat low numbers, members said the summit provides students a unique opportunity to learn from their peers.

The summit will focus on leadership opportunities for women on campus, especially international women.

In addition to leadership opportunities, the summit will also focus on the challenges women face when they attempt to achieve leadership positions.

The summit, which has happened every year since 2013, also provides students in attendance a chance to share their stories and learn from one another.

Ras Mohd-Rosli, senior in economics and president of the organization, has participated in the event in the past and said she believes it gives students, especially the international women in attendance, confidence.

“The summit can give them the inspiration because at the summit, they will meet other multicultural students, other international student leaders,” Mohd-Rosli said. “We will share stories, we’ll share challenges, so I believe that the summit can empower the women who attend.”

The summit’s schedule will consist of speakers, activities for participants and discussions over the stories and information presented to the participants. The structure of the summit has remained relatively the same over the last few years, but this year will see some new changes.

In past summits, the discussion and activities were wrapped into three different objectives focusing on how to empower women leaders. This year, the International Student Council added a new objective to the original three.

This objective is focused on brainstorming ways to raise awareness about different issues facing women and girls around the world regarding their education, rights, labor and marriage, Mohd-Rosli said.

Allen Robles, junior in kinesiology and one of the four main planners for the Aspiring International Women’s Leadership Summit is hoping that the summit will expose leadership possibilities and positions.

“What we’re trying to do is expose them to other opportunities that they might not even have heard of,” Robles said.

Robles and Mohd-Rosli also said they hope students realize the summit is open to everyone, including men and domestic students, not just international women students.

Getting feedback and opinions from men will, in Robles and Mohd-Rosli’s opinion, help strengthen ideas of how to overcome the adversity they face. Men can provide insight into the problems they see in international and women’s leadership throughout campus and the world at large.

The Aspiring International Women’s Leadership Summit provides all students a chance to step up and face their fears and put a foot in the door for their future.

“International women are intimidated by the environment, by how other people see them,” Mohd-Rosli said. “I think we can achieve, know that we’re not alone, and we can move forward together.”

The summit is open to all students. The club prefers that people wishing to come will register by Friday; if students do not register and wish to attend, they are asked to contact the club on the day of.