Letter: Pollution

From what I have observed in my time here in Iowa, pollution is a major problem. Here in the Midwest, the pollution of the waterways has negatively effected thousands of Iowans, but this isn’t the biggest issue.

Climate change cause by human carbon emissions has negatively effected the world, and as we contribute to it instead of conquering the problem, we are seizing the futures of generation to come.

Sentimentalism aside, Iowans should be leaping to support increasing production of clean energy to replace the harmful emissions that subliminally plague our everyday lives.

Clean energy is the future we need to aim for. Climate change has made 2013 one of the hottest years on record, and without everyone’s support in the production of more clean energy plants, 2017 may be the hottest year ever recorded. Reducing carbon emission is the best way to secure a safe future.