Concert Review: General B and The Wiz with The Weathered Heads

General B and The Wiz performed with The Weathered Heads on Friday night at the Maintenance Shop. 

Jacob Beals

General B and The Wiz rocked the Maintenance Shop stage with The Weathered Heads on Friday night to an energetic crowd.

Hailing from Minnesota, The Weathered Heads took the stage first and owned the stage, moving all over the stage as they played. The band had a fluid motion together while they kept the beat going.

Their music had a wild presence, as all of it sounded very upbeat. Most of the songs were rock but the variation of style changed often throughout their set. Some of their music felt pretty heavy while some of it was gentle.

“Lose Control” was one of the songs that matched their wild style perfectly and it gave the band a chance to break out and unleash their dance moves by bringing up the tempo.

Even though the band really shined while playing upbeat music, they also knew how to make a slow song sound smooth and intimate. Saxophone player Jonathan Birdsall added to the slower songs by giving them a fitting jazzy feel.

The Weathered Heads’ excitement to open for General B and The Wiz was clear throughout their performance.

Some of the members wore T-Shirts sporting General B’s logo and they made sure to tell the audience to stay for the headliner before ending their set.

“Goodnight [and] thank you all for coming,” guitar player Chris Bullard said. “Stick around for General B and The Wiz!”

After a quick intermission some gentle tunes could be heard coming from the guitar players of General B and The Wiz and it soon led into their first song, which started out with no drums. It only featured vocals, bass and both guitars.

As the song went on, drummer Kyle Holder jumped onto his seat and began playing. Then the song took off and became much faster as the band they kept playing through a three-song medley.

It was interesting to see the group play through a few songs in a row without making a stop and their adrenaline built with every moment.  

The energy they had seemed to transfer to the audience pretty easily. The crowd’s reaction seemed to grow louder after each time the band finished a set of songs.

Lead singer Quincy Voris really knew how to pump a crowd and even went onto the M-Shop floor at one point to encourage a group of guys to start dancing.

General B and The Wiz did a lot of dancing on stage and it was amazing how close they performed and danced around each other without running into one another.

Most of the band’s songs had a loud boom to them that was led by Voris’ powerful voice. Voris showed off his impressive vocal range several times throughout the night.

For their final song, General B and The Wiz called The Weathered Heads onto the stage and they performed a cover of “Purple Rain” in a tribute to the recently deceased music icon Prince.

It was a truly beautiful tribute to the artist and a great way to end the show in an emotional but memorable way.

General B and The Wiz and The Weathered Heads brought high energy music to the M-Shop. Both bands knew how to keep a performance fast-paced and fun all while making an audience excited.