Concert Review: Dan Tedesco and Dylan Boyle at DG’s Tap House


Jacob Beals/Iowa State Daily

Dylan Boyle opened up the show Friday night at DG’s Tap House. 

Jacob Beals

Dan Tedesco and Dylan Boyle performed as solo acts and together at DG’s Tap House on Friday night. 

The show started just after 6 p.m. when Boyle took the stage playing nice and loud mix of blues and rock on his silver guitar. 

Much of Boyle’s music had deep meanings that asked listeners to look at problems in their own lives. Some of his songs did this in an upbeat manner, while some did it with a darker style.

No matter what the tone of the song, Boyle always had emotion in his voice that matched the passion behind his music. His singing fits his bluesy style well and his loud voice gives his music power.

“Quittin Drinkin” was one of the songs that had a lot of emotion as it tackled the problems that alcohol addiction can cause. The lyrics of the song addressed the battle that goes on with addiction.

With a story behind every song, Boyle’s passion showed while he told stories about how some of his songs came to be and the feelings he had during the songwriting process.

Boyle played unique guitar bits in the background of each song. Even the songs that were not as upbeat still featured him playing the guitar in an intricate way.  

Boyle closed with “The Contrarian” which left his set off in a great way as it still had that emotion in his voice he carried before. He then thanked the audience and asked them to stick around for Tedesco.

After about five minutes Boyle came out from backstage with Tedesco and they opened with the song “Mad Cow.”

The two had an interesting way of complementing each other while Tedesco played acoustic guitar and Boyle filled in the background with his electric guitar.

Both artists showed their ability to fill the room with sound and they were even more dynamic when performing together.

Like Boyle, Tedesco’s music was thought-provoking. Much of it critiqued personal issues and society, which was seen in songs like “The Outlier” and “Why The Seeds Won’t Grow.” 

“10 years ago this year I quit my job to perform music and pay the bills,” Tedesco said.

He introduced “Let Me Play Old Guitar and Sing for You My Song,” a song that described his dream of playing music professionally and how he wanted to break out of the typical job market. The song was fast, fun and showcased what Tedesco could do on a guitar.

Tedesco showed a variety of style in his songs as he played “Ain’t Meant to Be Alone,” which revealed the sweeter side of his music. He also played three songs off of his album “Death in The Valley” that had a much darker tone.

He even had the chance to perform his new song “Dylan Went Electric,” referencing musicians from the past such as Bob Dylan and Jimi Hendrix. It also made a point of what music does to society and history.

Tedesco closed with the song “I Didn’t Come Here to Get Mellow,” which had a rowdy vibe to it. This created a wild way for Tedesco to finish the night. As he played through the song his music never seemed to slow down and neither did his energy.

Both Tedesco and Boyle played in an intimate way but they also each have a lot of power behind their songwriting and musical talent that showed on stage. Their styles fit each other well and they made for a great musical pairing.