Student Government to allocate over $1 million to student organizations

Zach Clemens

The weekly Student Government Senate meeting will be take place Wednesday in the Great Hall of the Memorial Union for the yearly regular allocations meeting.

Student Government will allocate more than $1 million in funds to more than 80 student clubs and organizations for the upcoming academic year. Members of each organization up for funding will be in attendance to answer questions and to find out the results of their specific allocations.

Clubs and organizations have applied for funding and met with Finance Director Hamad Abbas and the Finance Committee of Student Government during the past month to go over their individuals budgets and make sure their respective organization is in line with all of the requirements needed for funding.

A Senate vote will take place on the bulk of the allocation bills at once, with some individual organization budgets separated to debate at the discretion of the Senate.

There will also be a bill to allocate funds for Cyclone Market, which will take place April 16. Cyclone Market is an opportunity for student organizations to fundraise for the upcoming year by selling products and to promote their mission to other students.

A bill calling for a change in announcing the election results will be debated and voted on. The bill calls for the election announcements to come quicker and be more transparent.