Formerly suspended fraternity Sigma Alpha Epsilon to return Fall 2020


Katy Klopfenstein/Iowa State Daily

Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity chapter has been removed from Iowa State University campus. This is leaving a vacant house on Lynn Avenue on Aug. 23 2015. 

Sierra Hoeger

Editor’s note: This article previously had incorrect information regarding the allegations. The information has been corrected. The Daily regrets this error.

In a statement released on Instagram and other social media outlets, Iowa State’s sorority and fraternity engagement office announced that Sigma Alpha Epsilon (SAE) will be returning to campus. 

In the fall of 2020, Iowa State’s chapter of SAE will make its return to campus after being suspended for almost five years after violating Student Disciplinary Regulations. In a previous Iowa State Daily article, it was also noted that an individual in the fraternity was possibly under investigation for sexual assault charges, as the Office of Equal Opportunity and the Office of Student conduct were involved with the investigation as well. 

“Ultimately, the policies are what held SAE accountable to our standard and led to their chapter closure before,” Director of Sorority and Fraternity Engagement, Billy Boulden, said. “As [a] national organization, Sigma Alpha Epsilon has changed some of their internal operations over the last four years.”

The release states that this decision has been part of a long process, taking place over the last 12 months.

In order to return to campus, the fraternity had to appeal to a number of individuals and present how they would help to be a contributing factor to the community as a whole. 

“Over the past five years, we have made many changes in our organization including the elimination of the pledging process, adoption of policies banning the use of hard alcohol from events associated with SAE and an expanded educational model to reach more men with increased frequency and greater accessibility,’’ Michael Sophir, chief executive officer and eminent supreme recorder for SAE said in an email. 

The fraternity will join the 36 active fraternities on campus. Previously, SAE resided in a house located at 140 Lynn Ave. It is not known at this time whether or not the fraternity will return to that specific house, or if there are plans to build a new one or move into another house. 

Currently, the property is leased to Chi Phi fraternity. 

“We believe the future of Sigma Alpha Epsilon requires investing in student communities that reflect the diverse population of college campuses today,” Sophir said in an email. “As we recolonize, we will be seeking men eager to lead the development of a model fraternity experience and those ready to make a significant contribution to the greater Iowa State community.”