10 alternative songs for spring

Focus Ring put out a full-length record, “Introduction”, in January.

Paiten Gavin

Here are 10 must-hear alternative songs for this spring:

1. Focus Ring- “Shaky Hands”

Minneapolis band Remo Drive’s frontman, Erik Paulson, just dropped a full-length album for an acoustic project of his called “Focus Ring.” “Shaky Hands” is the first song on the record. 

2. Turnover- “Humblest Pleasures”

Following the hype of Turnover’s full-length record last summer, the band released two brand new songs this March; “Humblest Pleasures” and “Change Irreversible”.

3. Microwave- “Something Right”

Microwave is an up and coming band from Atlanta, Georgia. They are currently on a big U.S. tour with The Wonder Years. Listen to their gut-wrenching song, “Something Right”, from their full-length record, Stovall.

4. Pinegrove- “Aphasia”

Pinegrove, a band from Montclair, New Jersey, just put out their record called “Cardinal” this February. Listen to their song, “Aphasia” off the new record. 

5. Basement- “Promise Everything”

Basement, a band from the United Kingdom, just put out their third full-length album this January. Listen to the record’s title track, “Promise Everything”

6. Julien Baker- “Sprained Ankle”

Baker put out her first full-length album in October 2015. Listen to the record’s title track, “Sprained Ankle”.

7. mewithoutYou- “Rainbow Signs”

The Philadelphia five-piece band, mewithoutYou, put out their record, “Pale Horses,” last year. Listen to Rainbow Signs.

8. Somos- “Violent Decline”

Somos’ just released their record, “First Day Back,” in February. Listen to “Violent Decline”

9. Sorority Noise- “Using”

Sorority Noise, currently on tour with Citizen and Turnover, released their record “Joy, Departed” last June. Listen to “Using”.  

10. Stars Hollow- “Embarrassed” 

Ames’ very own emo band, Stars Hollow, just put out a song through Sorry Dad Records. The band is releasing an EP later this month, but until then, listen to “Embarrassed”.