ISU police chief talks safety with Student Government

Zach Clemens

Student Government had guest speaker Aaron Delashmutt, chief of ISU police, talk with the Senate about the ISU Police Department and answer some senators’ questions during the weekly Senate meeting Wednesday.

Delashmutt said everyone always has to be prepared for a bad situation such as an active shooter.

“You tend to think Ames is a really safe town, and I think it is a safe town but things can happen anywhere,” Delashmutt said. “You just have to be aware of things that can possibly save your life.”

Sen. Emily Tosoni, junior in political science, asked the chief of police what his thoughts were on the senator’s recently passed resolution calling for an alcohol amnesty policy by Iowa State.

“Generally that’s the way we operate,” Delashmutt said. “We can’t blanket say we are not going to deal with it, but we do understand that concept. We want students to be comfortable, and that’s a resolution we are supportive of.”

Delashmutt also talked about different training programs for faculty and staff on how to protect themselves and recognize dangerous behavior.

“Essentially it is if you see something, say something,” he said.

Sen. Conner Tillo, junior in political science, requested that a bill passed at the last Senate meeting be rescinded because it violated a bylaw. The bill was to allocate funds to the GENRE music club to buy a new drum kit.

The bylaw basically states that if Student Government allocates funds to a group to buy something, it must have already secured storage for that item.  After a number of minutes looking at the individual bylaws, the senators realized that per the Student Government constitution, a funding that has gone six days after it was passed cannot be rescinded.

The Senate discussed a bill that would allocate $767.66 to the Hindu Yuva club, which plans to attend a yoga seminar. The bill was passed by a vote of 30 to 1.