Top 4 players who shined at Pro Day

Former Cyclone football player Dale Pierson leaps during a drill at Pro Day. Twenty one NFL scouts were in attendance at the event, which was held in the Bergstrom Football Complex March 22. 

Brian Mozey

A handful of former ISU football players took part in Iowa State’s Pro Day inside the Bergstrom Football Complex on Tuesday in front of 25 National Football League teams and one Canadian Football League team.

Players from Grand View, William Penn and Morningside were also in attendance. The scouts took about three hours to evaluate the players.

4. Dale Pierson

The two-year defensive end at Iowa State had some ups and downs during pro day. He started with a strong bench press and a low vertical jump, but the on-field drills changed his mindset. 

Pierson ran an 5.01 40-yard dash as a defensive lineman. He also had a fast time at some of the cutting drills, but his moment to shine was during the defensive drills. 

Pierson was able to show his attack and aggressiveness of the scrimmage line in a few of the drills. A couple teams told him he did a great job at the pro day.

3. Oni Omoile 

The five-year offensive lineman shocked some of the NFL scouts during pro day with his numbers in the weight room. 

Omoile had 21 bench presses, which is expected from an offensive lineman, but he also recorded a 33-inch vertical jump. That height is rare for a lineman. Omoile beat out a few defensive linebackers as well as a couple wide receivers. 

On the field, he showed his instincts in the blocking drills and his quickness in some of the cutting drills. He also had an average 40-yard dash time, 4.94 seconds, for most linemen, which might hurt him when he tries to find an NFL team in the summer. 

2. Jamison Lalk

The five-year offensive lineman has been training for this day for the last several months. Lalk said Tuesday he put forth his maximum effort and is hoping for the best results. 

Lalk showed his strength in the weight room by pushing out 22 repetitions of the bench press. He also displayed quickness as a guard during the blocking drills.

“People have been saying I had good numbers today,” Lalk said. “A couple teams said they would stay in touch and that’s the best you can hear at this point.” 

1. Quenton Bundrage

The five-year wide receiver for the Cyclones proved to teams that his knee injury is just a distant memory. He’s ready to take that next step toward a career in the NFL. 

Bundrage was rumored to be a draft pick right out of college during his junior year at Iowa State. On the first drive of the first game of the 2014 season, Bundrage went down with a season-ending knee injury. 

Bundrage said he felt great during the pro day and ran a 4.52-second 40-yard dash. He even showed the health of his knee during the drills, cutting left and right at a faster tempo. 

“It’s a different chapter in my life,” Bundrage said. “I’m not going out there to put on a show for the college fans. I’m trying to make a career now and trying to take that next step.”