Concert Review: Eli “Paperboy” Reed and Jeremy and the Harlequins perform at the M-Shop

The crowd during Jeremy and the Harlequins performance on Thursday night at the M-Shop. 

Jacob Beals

New York musical artists Eli “Paperboy” Reed and Jeremy and the Harlequins performed at the Maintenance Shop on Thursday night.

Jeremy and the Harlequins took the stage first around 8:30 p.m. The band began by playing a brief opening as Jeremy Fury was introduced onto the stage. Fury started with his back turned to the audience but then turned around on a beat and greeted everyone right away.

The group’s style set a fun and upbeat tone for the evening, with an old-fashioned classic rock feel with a modern twist.

Fury and the whole band were just as fun to watch, as they moved with their songs and really got into what they were playing. Their passion for performing was clear from their expressions throughout the whole show.

They also joked around with each other and the audience. Fury always encouraged everyone to dance and get into the music with the group.

“Come up a little closer!” Fury said. “We came all the way from New York City, and all you had to do was take five steps!”

Most of their songs featured fast-paced music accompanied by speedy vocals and with their guitar players adding a strong beat that carried the music.

Jeremy and the Harlequins gently wrapped up their set by playing “You’re My Halo” before intermission. Fury thanked the audience and introduced Eli “Paperboy” Reed.

Intermission only lasted about five minutes before Reed and his band began playing promptly in a loud fashion as Reed put on his red guitar, with the letters “EPR” on the side of it.

Reed’s booming voice filled the M-Shop right away while an array of colorful spotlights were flashing around the room during the band’s performance.

Like the previous group, Reed’s band also had a classic sound. While Jeremy and the Harlequins leaned more toward the rock genre, Reed had more of a soul and funk sound with rock thrown in as well.

All of his songs had strong melodies that were led in a rocking fashion by Reed’s guitar and all the other instruments mixed in nicely.

Their music seemed to have great variety to it, even though it was all in the same genre.

Like Fury, Reed had great charisma toward the audience as he joked with them and always made sure they were having a good time during the show.

“I can’t see anybody else because the lights are so bright, so I’m gonna pretend the room is full!” Reed said.

Reed was excited to share the title track of his upcoming album “My Way Home” too. It had a gentle beat with an underlying soulful feel, but the chorus packed a punch as the instruments became louder and along with Reed’s voice.

His vocal range was impressive to watch all night as he could sing high, low, loud and even add an interesting mellow tone to his voice for some songs. Even Reed’s facial expressions matched the excitement that his booming voice made.

Reed finished his set with him and his band giving the audience a long, but fast-paced finale.

“Thank you guys!” Reed said happily before he exited the stage with a pleased crowd.

Both bands brought a similar classic style to the stage on Thursday night and it all mixed together well, providing the audience with an older style of music as well as an energetic and upbeat concert.