Alpha Chi Omega

Isabel Gebers

Alpha Chi Omega philanthropy focuses not only on fundraising but on raising awareness about domestic violence. A prevalent issue on a college campus. 

Nationally Alpha Chi Omega’s philanthropy is Domestic Violence Awareness. However each chapter of Alpha Chi Omega supports a local facility. Iowa State’s chapter of Alpha Chi Omega Delta Nu supports the local shelter and support center called the Assault Care Center Extending Shelter and Support or ACCESS. 

“So here in Ames we support ACCESS, which is a local womens’ shelter and support center,” said Madelyn Goodeaux, member of Alpha Chi Omega.  “And it’s really great because we get to see the impact directly in our community not just we send it off to a corporation…”


For Alpha Chi Omega’s that impact includes not only fundraising for the shelter but volunteering at the shelter as well as spreading awareness outside the Greek community. 

“We do a lot of tabling on campus,” said Goodeaux. “I really like that part because it’s not just with people from the sorority and fraternity community, who are typically the people that come to your actually philanthropy event. There’s a lot more that we get to do with the entire Iowa State community. For example, we had our Donut Let Love Hurt, so we had a table on campus and people came and made a pledge to end domestic violence and got a free donut, so that was really fun. A lot of people just pass by who typically wouldn’t be exposed to our event were able to see what we are doing and learn more about our philanthropy.”

Other events to raise awareness amongst the entire college community is also Alpha Chi Omega’s Healthy Relationships Week often in the second week of February. 

“Our healthy relationships week is my favorite,” Marissa Prelgo, VP of Philanthropy for Alpha Chi Omega said. “That week is mainly us just us spreading awareness about keeping our relationships healthy each day… I’ve tried to incorporate healthy relationships with our sisters, siblings back home, and our parents. This year for that we got to partner with Pi Kappa Phi. We did Pretzels and Petals with them, so we sold roses and chocolate covered pretzels. So I think that was my favorite event in the whole week just cause it’s really important to me to make sure all my relationships know that they are valued.”

These women value their relationships and find that by joining Alpha Chi Omega they’ve been exposed to the realities of domestic violence that they wouldn’t have been exposed to otherwise. 

“Before I came to college I had never really been exposed to domestic violence or sexual assault or anything like that,” said Goodeaux. “So I didn’t really know how much of an issue it was and how much it impacted people’s lives. And so [in] joining Alpha Chi Omega we try to educate ourselves as much as possible, so we can be advocates for others. And it’s definitely opened my eyes to what goes on behind closed doors. And also it’s just given me experience putting on events of this size, and makes me want to do more volunteering and more philanthropy events.”

Alpha Chi Omega’s fall philanthropy event this year was Pizzapolozza and has raised $4,200 thus far. Their next philanthropy event will be sometime in the spring. That event is Alpha Chi Quesadillas, which is considered to be a long standing tradition by members of Alpha Chi Omega, and will include quesadillas, chips and salsa, and a silent auction.