Review: The Last Redhead


Photo Courtesy of L. Jay Mozdy

The Last Redhead is a story about a young woman who is assumed to be the last living redhead on planet Earth. Her’s is a story about beauty and corruption. 

Megan Gilbert

The Last Redhead is a dark and twisted adult novel by L. Jay Mozdy about the last living redhead on planet Earth and her painful search for her father. 

The Last Redhead’s mother died in labor, and with no identification or a parent present, she was shipped off to an orphanage. 

Coveted for her copper locks, The Last Redhead is kidnapped the moment she walks out of the orphanage on her 18th birthday by a man who plans to inseminate the young woman and create redheaded offspring to turn a profit.

The novel is a confusing puzzle of several stories, which are lost in translation and take away from the main storyline of The Last Redhead.

Each story highlights the insecurities of each character and the ways in which they are perceived by society. The Last Redhead focuses on physical traits and refers to characters by their individual characteristics. 

Many of these characters are female and have been exploited for their beauty. 

One of the first characters that we meet after The Last Redhead is Better Blonder Blonde, a beautiful woman who appears in hundreds of advertisements and struggles to escape from the public eye. 

With names that focus on physical traits like Better Blonder Blonde, Dr. Squishy and Brunette, it is clear that this fictional world is very concerned about appearances.

Using names based on appearances was actually very helpful in understanding the story and the way that the fictional society of this book feels about beauty and physical features. It also helps readers to imagine the way that these individuals look.

The fictional society’s perceptions of beauty magnify today’s values. The idea of beauty and perfection is something that society is extremely concerned about, and the story of The Last Redhead may provide a view of how our future could look. 

The story touches on the possibility of the recessive gene for red hair disappearing, and turns that chance into an interesting story about beauty and corruption, and one brave woman’s search for her father. 

As the story continues, The Last Redhead endures challenge after challenge and is finally reunited with her father, who feels that his 

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