Cyclone coloring pages relieve stress


By Ariane Criger [email protected]

The Daily and the University Book Store have brought you Cyclone coloring books. 

Danielle Ferguson

When the mounting stresses of midterms and the angst of the quickly approaching Spring Break collide, coloring could be the stress-reliever you’re looking for. 

The Daily, with help from the University Book Store, will be releasing different Cyclone Basketball-inspired coloring pages each day downloadable online this week to help alleviate the stresses of midterms and to prepare for a Cyclone March Madness run. 

Adult coloring books are a trend and a mental aid, with some adult coloring books appearing in Amazon’s top 20 list regularly and providing a therapeutic activity for patients with diseases or conditions such as cancer, depression, dementia, anxiety and PTSD, according to Medical Daily.

The activity can also help train the brain to better focus and lower heart and blood pressure rates, according to Medical Daily. 

Click here to download Friday’s coloring pages. 

Click here to download Thursday’s coloring pages. 

Click here to download Wednesday’s coloring pages. 

Click here to download Tuesday’s coloring pages. 

Click here to download Monday’s coloring pages.