Mysterious Places You Can’t Go to for Spring Break

By NASA Earth Observatory image created by Jesse Allen, using data provided by the NASA EO-1 team. Caption by Rebecca Lindsey –, Public Domain,
North Sentinel Island

Cayle Suntken

Usually during spring break, students traditionally head to warm places such as Orlando and Cancun. However, some places are off-limits to the general public like the following:

North Sentinel Island

This island on the Bay of Bengal has the reputation of being one of the most isolated communities in existence. It has a land area of 28 square miles and the estimated population is somewhere between 50 to 400 Sentinelese. The Sentinelese are thought to be primitive and are prone to be violent to all outsiders. The Sentinelese language is intelligible to even their closest neighbors.

Although the island was observed by British surveyor John Ritchie in 1771, the first expedition to the island was made in 1880 by British administrator M.V. Portman. Every few years since 1967, expeditions have been made to establish contact with the Sentinelese only for them to retreat in haste when natives appear with bows and arrows. The Boxing Day tsunami of 2004 had devastated the island. It is unknown how many Sentinelese survived in the tsunami.

Overtoun Bridge

Overtoun Bridge in Milton, Scotland was built in 1895 by the Calvinist Lord Overtoun as an entrance to his house. It arches 50 feet over a stream known as the Overtoun Burn. Despite the serenity in the area, it is also known to be supposedly haunted. In Celtic mythology, the site of the Overtoun Bridge is known as the site where heaven and earth collide.

Over the last six decades, over 50 dogs have leapt over the right side of the bridge to their deaths, including five in 2005 alone. All the deaths happened on clear, sunny days and affects only dogs with long snouts such as Labradors, collies, and retrievers.

There are several theories on this peculiar behavior such as a nearby nuclear plant, telephone poles or even the bridge itself emitting a sound that is only audible to dogs. However, an animal habitat expert by the name of David Sexton argues that the smell emitted from the mink and mouse who lived within the bridge’s structure might be the cause. Sexton tested this hypothesis out by unleashing ten dogs with long snouts in an open field to see which ones were attracted by the mink odor. The results showed that seven out of the ten dogs went straight for the odor.

The strange behavior doesn’t affect only dogs. For example, a local man by the name of Kevin Moy threw his infant son off of the bridge in 1994, killing him. He thought his son would grow up to be the antichrist. He then tried to jump off of the bridge in a suicide attempt to no avail.

Area 51

Area 51 is an isolated government testing facility located in Southern Nevada. In the 1960s, the A-12 and its successor, the SR-71 Blackbird were tested at Area 51. According to recently declassified CIA files, the SR-71 Blackbird reached Mach 3.29 (or 2,200 mph) at an altitude of 90,000 feet. Ufologists and other conspiracy theorists believe that the facility is hiding secrets from the general public such as extraterrestrials.