Concert Review: Kickstart the Month Three

Vigilante Firefighters performed on Thursday night for the third Kickstart the Month at DG’s Tap House. 

Jacob Beals

The third Kickstart the Month took place at DG’s Tap House on Thursday night. It brought out bands Kickstart the Sun, Vigilante Firefighters and Men of Science & Faith.

Each band took their turn warming up and doing sound checks before the show started. 

Kicking off the show, Vigilante Firefighters’ style of music had variety as they played songs that ranged from having a traditional rock sound to a more punk rock sound.

Members of the audience were seen moving around on the dance floor right from the start. Even members from the other two bands performing that night came out to dance along to the beat.

Vigilante Firefighters posted one of their original songs on Facebook recently entitled “Lock It Up,” which was played at Thursday’s Kickstart the Month. 

“Lock It Up” A Vigilante Firefighters Original

“Lock It Up” A Vigilante Firefighters Original

Posted by Vigilante Firefighters on Sunday, January 17, 2016

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Vigilante Firefighters closed with a cover of the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ song “Dani California” which fit their style well as they added their own signature to it.

Then, Men of Science & Faith took the stage, proceeding almost immediately after Vigilante Firefighters finished their set.

“For this first song I’m gonna be shaking my booty and I want you to shake your booty with me,” lead singer Dann Kuttler said as they began playing.

The band’s songs “Demon” and “Safe Places” had things cranked up early as Kuttler encouraged the audience to dance and the floor became rowdy. Their music featured a heavy beat and each band member was moving to the music on stage.

The band did a cover of Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space”, starting with a soft and mellow opening like the original, but as the song went on the band put their own heavy metal twist on it. 

Here is a song that was played by Men of Science & Faith on Thursday night called “30 Days.”

Men of Science & Faith closed with an original song called “Out by Two” which had the audience yelling “hey!” on the chorus, and it gave the group a big finish before headliners Kickstart the Sun performed.

The stage lights turned the scene red and fog filled the air as the members of Kickstart the Sun began to play “Sirens Call.”

With a night full of energetic performances and enthusiasm from the audience, Kickstart the Sun cranked the energy up a notch as they asked everyone to dance near the stage.

Kickstart the Sun’s “UFO” truly showed off the band’s active style as guitarist Rudy Miller and bassist Nolan Adair stood on the speakers while playing on each side of the stage. Miller even hopped on drummer Justin Booth’s back during the song.

Most of the band’s songs were pretty wild but they took a turn about halfway through when they covered “Hallelujah”. The song began softly until flares of heavy rock were thrown into it. Even though it was one of the night’s slower songs, the crowd was still pumped.

Toward the end, the show was still in top gear, as Kickstart the Sun played “MasterMind” and had the crowd singing along during the chorus. Some members of the audience almost came onto the stage while everyone was dancing. 

After the band’s finale, the crowd chanted loudly for an encore. Awarding the fans, Kickstart the Sun accepted cries for an encore and they concluded the night with an fast track called “Simply Out of Luck”. 

Kickstart the Month continued to show off bands who are up and coming and based locally in Iowa with it’s third showing at DG’s Tap House. The night brought an excited crowd and bands who were just as excited to perform.