Holy White Hounds take over the Maintenance Shop

Des Moines’ Holy White Hounds rocked the M-Shop on Sept 24.

Caroline Shaw

It was a high energy night at the Maintenance Shop on Friday.

Opening band Dylan Sires and Neighbors opened with a bang… almost literally. Their first chord was powerful enough to make the audience jump. Once they captured the audience’s attention, they never let it go. 

They slowed it down for one song halfway through their set but then let the energy of their music crescendo to a roar that left the stage and the crowd ready for Holy White Hounds.

No rock concert would be complete without at least one minor technical difficulty, but once all the microphones were plugged in, Holy White Hounds were ready for a staggering show. 

The energy that Sires built up was just the beginning of what Holy White Hounds had in store. They played 11 original songs that kept the growing crowd rocking out with them. The set included songs like their hit “Switchblade” as well as “Gaver Water”, “Oh Mama”, and “Laser Beam”. The audience was also treated to some brand new songs. 

Holy White Hounds is a group of four guys who never let up. Not even a broken string was going to slow down guitarist Jake Manson. In only a couple minutes he was ready to go again and launched into their fifth song “In Your Skin”. 

When the band announced their last song of the night, they gave it their all in a high energy song that the audience loved. But Holy White Hounds weren’t done yet.

One man in the crowd yelled, “One more song!”

Singer Brenton Woods claimed, with humor, that they technically got an encore because one guy said it. The members then began to chant “One more song!” and the crowd joined in with enthusiasm.

“We’re the first band to do our own encore!” came an excited voice from the stage. 

Holy White Hounds closed out the night with a big thank you to the crowd and the M-Shop for the night and a shout out to Dylan Sires and Neighbors. The audience’s appreciation was apparent in the line for the merch table that stretched almost halfway across the venue.

The two Iowa bands put on a great show of rock ‘n’ roll Friday night and they are sure to do again at future shows as they gain an even wider fan base. These guys are definitely on the right track.