Student Government to discuss Cyberbullying

Zach Clemens

Cyberbullying, Campustown security cameras and the CyRide budget will be among the topics discussed at Wednesday’s Student Government meeting.

Student Government recognizes that anonymous social media use has risen among campus community members. With mobile applications such as Whisper and Yik Yak gaining popularity, there is a concern that some of the posts could turn harmful and malicious. The Senate will discuss a resolution to ask university administration to examine current university policies regarding anonymous cyberbullying and make changes accordingly.

A resolution will be discussed that calls for the city of Ames to implement security cameras in Campustown. There are currently no such cameras in place and they can be used by Ames police to deter and investigate crimes.

Student Government will also debate a bill to call for increased funding of CyRide. Iowa does not fund bus replacement or expansion capital costs and more than 50 percent of CyRide’s bus fleet has exceeded its useful life of 12 years. The bill would request that state legislature allocate $25 million in funding per year for the next five years.