AROTC hosts annual military ball


By Alex Connor, [email protected]

Cadets hand out awards at the annual Army Military Ball on Saturday night in the Great Hall of the Memorial Union. The event included dinner, pictures, and guest speaker Aaron Rosheim who spoke on how to be a successful leader. Awards and “gag” awards were also given out to conclude the night.

Alex Connor

The Army ROTC hosted its annual military ball Saturday night, where families and guests of cadets gained insight to the activities and achievements of the Cyclone Battalion.

The night kicked off at 4 p.m. in the Great Hall of the Memorial Union for pictures, followed by the posting of the colors and national anthem at 6 p.m. and the fallen comrade ceremony, which honors those who have died while in-service to their country.

The guest speaker, Capt. Aaron Rosheim, commander of the C-Company and part of the 2-147th assault helicopter battalion, began his speech after dinner and an auction.

Rosheim began his adventure at Iowa State in 2001, not even thinking about the ROTC program. In 2004, however, he commissioned into the National Guard and graduated from the ROTC program in 2006. He said now 10 years later, he feels the time has gone by in the blink of an eye.

“The Army has truly been an adventure for me, and I’m excited to see where it takes all of you in your adventure,” Rosheim said.

Traveling to more than 26 states, including several countries such as Germany, Austria, Albania, Kuwait and Iraq, Rosheim said being granted these opportunities and getting paid have been provided to him by the Army.

Looking back at previous military balls, Rosheim said he personally does not remember much of what the speeches entailed, and that is why he wrote a letter — one he can read out loud and later send in an email to everyone in attendance.

Rosheim began his letter addressing the future lieutenants, from him, their future company commander and boss.

“As someone who sat in your seat 10 years ago, I have some experience seeing what the Army desires of a lieutenant,” Rosheim said.

Before beginning the bulk of his speech Rosheim told the cadets they should be excited to leave this program and enter the Army.

He recommended the cadets be great from day one, insisting that they prepare to be great every day from now until then. Rosheim said that to be successful, a leader must be physically, socially, intellectually, emotionally and spiritually developed.

“Leadership will demand your abilities in all five of those areas, both for yourself and for your soldiers.”

Rosheim then offered 10 lessons he has gathered during the past 10 years since graduating from Iowa State.

His takeaways included, “I encourage you to be a servant leader, dream hard, know yourself, know your equipment, certainly know the enemy, know your team, know the variables, trust but verify, communicate and lead by example from the front.”

After Rosheim’s speech, the award ceremony began, awarding almost 40 cadets with scholarships, plaques and certificates for their hard work this past year.

A gag award ceremony also took place, in which cadets and guests gained a laugh from awards such as “Traitor award,” “Bro do you even lift? award” and “When will he stop talking? award.”

The ball concluded with a few words from LTC Ethan Dial, where he thanked everyone for attending along with Jessica Bales, senior in public relations, who coordinated the event.

“Your support is truly appreciated by all of the cadets and the cadre,” Dial said.

Continuing his thanks, Dial acknowledge the parents, family members and friends of the cadets, and thanked them for supporting their cadet.

“For building the foundation of values into each of them, enabling them to make good decisions while here at Iowa State, and to take the oath to eventually join us in the profession of arms.”

To conclude the ceremony, the color guard retired the flags.