Concert Review: Groovement and Evan Campbell perform at DG’s Tap House

Groovement performed Saturday night at DG’s Tap House. 

Jacob Beals

Groovement performed with Evan Campbell on Saturday night at DG’s Tap House.

Campbell came out onto the stage and opened the show, attracting the audience’s attention immediately with loud strums from his guitar.

“Thank you for bearing the cold winter winds to be here tonight,” Campbell said near the start of his set.

Campbell played his original music including serious songs like “Birds in the Morning” and more lighthearted, upbeat songs like “I’ve Gotta Penny in My Pocket.”

All of his music had very intricate lyrics and he showed great emotion through his face and body movements. It seemed as if the music moved through him as he performed.

After Campbell closed, Groovement took the stage and completely changed the setting from a visual and musical point of view as they brought funk and soul to the stage.

Their set started with the song “Clarity” off of their newest album “Clouds”. The song had a fast opening with a powerful punch that came from the instrument, and people started dancing soon after the music began to play.

Many of their songs focused on love, but they also played dance songs, including “Loosey Goosey” and “Small Town Get Down”. Both featured lyrics that encouraged people to move.

“Slowly Counting Down” had an important message about life and the fact that it doesn’t last forever as the band reminded the audience to make the most of it. 

The titular track from their newest album “Clouds” was played about halfway through the show. It began with just piano and lead singer Alex Carr’s voice, but the music sped up as all the other instruments came in and created a big sound from a song that started out as something that seemed like it would be little.

A cover of the Donovan Frankenreiter song “Move by Yourself” was heard next. The lyrics were about breaking the mold and living your own life while the music behind the words packed a loud sound.

The lights were a prominent part of Groovement’s performance as well. They could be seen making all kinds of patterns on the stage throughout the show. It gave their performance another layer and fit with their funky music perfectly.

“Whatcha Tryna Say?” featured wild and loud vocals by Carr as he sang about a broken relationship. The meaning of the lyrics truly showed during the chorus as Carr sang them with a lot of emotion behind his voice.

Groovement closed their set with high energy as the show ended right before midnight. Their last song was “Something to Live For” which had great harmony from the vocals and all of the instruments as they combined their sound with the lights to give the band a big finale.

Friday’s show at DG’s brought a variety of music from both artists, who are so passionate about what they do, as it could be seen by the actions they brought to the stage.