Cyclone swim and dive sweeps Washington-St. Louis

Freshman Guy Shilon prepares to dive off the block for the 100 yard backstroke. Shilon swam the event in 58.18.

Rachel Given

The Cyclone divers brought their A-game to the home meet against Washington-Saint Louis.

The competition started off strong for the entire team. Four 1-2-3 sweeps helped the diving team’s confidence prior to the first diving break, but the brooms had not been put away yet.

Senior Elyse Brouillette started the 3-meter competition with a 105C, a forward 2.5 somersault in the pike position. Solid 6.5’s hit the scoreboard and the event was underway.

“It’s an easy dive to start with, I’m very confident in it, I like it,” Brouillette said.

Next was Junior Julie Dickinson. She starts with a 405C, an inward 2.5 somersault in the tuck position. A 7 and 6.5 lit up the scoreboard.

Junior Becky Stochl was the last of the Cyclones. Although she has not competed much this season, the effort and confidence was not lacking. As soon as her feet touched the diving board, she was off into her forward approach.

“I thought [Stochl] just did a great job,” said head diving coach Jeff Warrick. “I think it may be her personal best on 3-meter. The difference was, she was just more consistent on her entries. I thought she had some really good tops and dives yesterday and just didn’t quite finish but today she did”.

The Cyclone divers added one more sweep to the competition with Brouillette taking first with 304.5 points. Dickinson took second with 293.77 points and Stochl took third place with 244.95 points.

“I was really happy with my three meter dives,” Brouillette said. “There’s a lot of stuff that I have been working on, trying to bring in some of my back approaches, and improving in the little things, building up to Big 12, I feel good.”

Between 3-meter diving and 1-meter, the swimmers added two more 1-2-3 sweeps to the competition, and clinched the meet win.

“I just want them to focus on what they need to do, just so they can develop that consistency regardless of the environment surroundings and what’s happening,” Warrick said.

The team now had six sweeps prior to 1-meter competition.

Brouillette had a rough 1-meter after balking on her 403B, an inward 1.5 somersaults in the pike position.

“I was pretty mad, because it’s like, I’m too old to be doing this stuff,” Brouillette said. “I took a deep breath while I was waiting to go up for my next dive, and I thought ‘I can’t let this affect me’”.

The Cyclone divers added another sweep and finished 1-2-3 in the last diving event of the day.

Brouillette finished all six of her dives and took second place on 1-meter with 239.10 points. Dickinson took first with 264.6 points and Stochl took third with 229.43 points.

As an entire team the swimmers and divers took home eight sweeps and a win with a final score 195 to 97.

“I thought we could’ve done better overall as a team, but yet at the same time I saw some really good things, it’s kind of a mixed bag,” Warrick said.