Concert Review: Ames Winter Classic 5

Kickstart the Sun performed at the M-shop on Friday night during the Ames Winter Classic.

Jacob Beals

The fifth annual Ames Winter Classic kept the tradition rocking at the Maintenance Shop on Friday night, bringing out a crowd of local music fans that packed the venue.

The doors opened right at 7 p.m. and almost instantly rock group Kickstart the Sun took the stage once the line of people waiting outside filled into the M Shop.

Kickstart the Sun brought high energy to the stage with their fast actions and movements on stage. The band had the audience moving to the music early on and their songs fit the group’s wild style.

Next, local Ames group Pelvis took the stage and changed the tone of the show by bringing in a heavier rock sound. Creating variety of sound early on, the trend continued through the rest of the show.

Pelvis was the smallest band seen on stage all night, having three members, but they brought huge sound from their guitar, bass and drums.

After that, Maximum Ames band Twins performed after a short break of setting up and taking down equipment.

Twins once again changed the tone by bringing in a more upbeat pop rock sound. They also had three people singing, which created an interesting harmony that wasn’t seen from the other groups that performed.

It seemed as the night went on the M-shop became more crowded and the audience became even more energetic and exploded with energy as Mumford’s took the stage.

Mumford’s lead singer Nate Logsdon gave a thumbs up to the sound man and he had his band moving and the audience jumping right from the start of their set.

Logsdon brought an enormous stage presence as a lead singer, even getting the audience to start a mosh pit early on. They were even energetic between songs, thanking the other artists and the audience while acknowledging how great they had made this year’s Ames Winter Classic.

About halfway through their time on stage, Logsdon brought out his wife Adrien to join Mumford’s on stage. This gathered many cheers from audience. 

Mumford’s also introduced a new song which Logsdon introduced as a song that was meant “to warn you to be careful out there.” The new track “It’s the Police” was perhaps one of the most unique songs heard during the night.

As the show winded down and Mumford’s performed their last song the crowd started chanting, “One more song!” and then, “Ten more songs!”

Mumford’s ended the show in a very unique way by introducing the whole band while playing a musical medley and giving each member of the group their own solo.

After the show, Mumford’s posted about the night on their Facebook page.  

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Geez way to get wild tonight, Ames!!! We really honored the Ames Winter Classic tradition tonight, thank you so much for the incredible night. See you at #AWC6! The Maintenance Shop

Posted by Mumford’s on Friday, January 15, 2016

The fifth annual Ames Winter Classic was a wild and fun show that brought out an audience who was excited from the start. The night was a successful one for local Iowa bands and fans of Iowa music alike.