Student Government decides on committee seats

Zach Clemens

Student Government filled a number of seats on various committees and read a bill to fund CySwap at its first meeting of the 2016 year.

The Senate confirmed Jordan Muell, senior in agricultural engineering, as the director of sustainability. Muell said a major goal of his as director would be to improve efficiency and uniformity of recycling across campus.

The United Residents of Off Campus (UROC) committee filled two open seats available with Zach Murrell, senior in mechanical engineering, and Khayree Fitten, junior in political science.

Student Government nominated three different individuals for the chairperson of the public relations committee. There was some discussion among the Senate about each candidate.

Sen. Steven Valentino said he would prefer an outsider from Student Government such as Sen. Curtis Richards, who was nominated to be the chairman, because he would bring a fresh perspective.

“I would prefer the chair to have worked their way up through the committee before leading it,” said Sen. Matthew Teubert, referring to Jacob Miller, who is a current member of the public relations committee nominated.

Mickey Sundermann, director of communications, was also nominated, and Sen. Tillo said he believed she was the most qualified for the job.  Sen. Weston questioned how good a job she has done as director of communications and indicated she would be his last choice.

The Senate approved at-large Sen. Jacob Miller, senior in advertising, as the new chairman of the public relations committee.

Student Government confirmed Sen. Roberto Ortiz, junior in interdisciplinary studies, to the rules committee by a vote of 23 to 8.

Sen. Jon Roettger, junior in agricultural engineering, and Sen. Derek Solis, junior in mechanical engineering, were approved with unanimous consent to be seated on the university affairs committee.

Student Government went through the first reading of bills to recognize Pamela Anthony for her years of service and dedication to Iowa State, and to fund CySwap, a Craigslist-like website that would allow students to buy and sell items with other ISU students. These items will be discussed at next week’s meeting.