Fat shammers in London

Brittany Moon

Fat shaming has been a growing trend in the media outlets for months now. The latest headline has taken place in London, England where a group of men have been fat shaming women riding the subway system. Their acts are similar to others that have happened recently, but are much more personal, deliberate, and selective.

According to the Guardian, a group called Overweight Haters Ltd., has been anonymously handing out small note cards to citizens riding the Tube [public transportation] whom they perceive as overweight or obese. The members of this group have continued to remain anonymous by jumping off of the transportation immediately after dropping the postcards off.

On one side of the postcard simply states the word “fat” and the other contains a paragraph detailing why the members of the group think the way that they do. It states “Our organization hates and resents fat people,” along with another paragraph detailing why.  

The Transport Police have since intervened and urged commuters to come forward if anyone else has received the postcards. There have been two reported incidences so far, one with a middle aged woman, who has had her photos of the postcard go viral. The other was documented by a witness, that states they saw a man set the postcard on a woman’s lap before jumping and running off the Tube. The woman picked up the card, read it, and began to cry due to how rude the text was. 

This issue has been seen before in other forms as well. A recent one was youtube famous video blogger, Nicole Arbour, posted a video titled “Dear Fat People,” which was met with a lot of backlash. In the video she states various reasons as to why she dislikes fat people and reasons why they should attempt to not be the way that they are.

There were numerous people all over the internet that were not pleased with her opinion; so much so that commenting on the video is disabled and her Youtube account was suspended for a short time. Many other Youtube famous video bloggers have replied with irritation and outrage. 

Body shaming and fat shaming can have detrimental affects to one’s self esteem as well as how they perceive the world and those close to them. One piece of advice to keep in mind is, “Think before you speak.”