Moran: NFL versus NCAA Football

Ben Moran

Every year around fall, I kind of fall of the face of the Earth. If you know me, I love football. College football is great, fantasy football is immersive, and the NFL is astounding.

I just love football, but lately I got into an argument with a buddy of mine on which is better, NFL or college football. In my opinion, there’s a clear winner in this growing argument. So here’s my top reasons why I think the NFL is the better of the two.

First, you never hear anyone talking about college fantasy football. Fantasy football is mostly always geared towards the NFL. That’s actually how most fantasy sports are.

Earlier this year, I did a column on fantasy football. On sites like FanDuel and DraftKings, contests are aimed at professional sports. College football still has fantasy football, but it’s not as prevalent or widespread.

Another aspect that I enjoy more is recruiting versus drafting. In the NCAA, the same teams usually stay towards the front of the pack. For example, the last time the Alabama Crimson Tide were unranked in both the AP Top 25 and the Coaches Poll was 2007, according to the ESPN.

Top teams such as Alabama and LSU tend to have better draft classes and in turn have better teams. The entire country works from the same pool of recruits and it’s the recruits decision on who they want to play for.

Say LSU gets the number one rated quarterback in the nation, they could also get the number one wide receiver and a the a five star linebacker.

The NFL on the other hand holds a draft. The seven round event has the worst teams picking first and the best teams picking last each round. So you can’t get the best quarterback, wide receiver, and linebacker in the same draft.

Likewise, the worst teams draft first and have a better chance of getting an impact player. This doesn’t mean a team can’t continue to draft great players, it’s just a little harder.

The Seattle Seahawks are a great example of this. They drafted well the past four years and they went from a mediocre team to appearing in back to back Super Bowls.

I also like the consistency in the NFL versus the NCAA. The NCAA is constantly changing. New players are coming in every year and after about four or five years you have a completely new team.

On the other hand, a franchise builds a team and you could have a player on your team for ten or fifteen years. Granted, you will continue to get new players, but it’s not changing as constantly as the NCAA teams are.

The playoff system is also easier to understand. In the NFL, the best teams get a first round bye while the other teams play each other to see who will progress to the next round. From that point on, it’s a bracket style tournament.

The NCAA is just confusing and it’s playoff system has been criticized for years. can explain how everything works, because I’m still confused by it.

Overall, regardless of what I’ve said previously, the best reason the NFL is better than the NCAA is because they are the best. Nothing is a sure thing and anything can happen. Late rounders become superstars like Tom Brady. Upsets happen and nothing is guaranteed.

The NFL is what I grew up with. It’s what I learned and it’s what I’m comfortable with.

That is why I prefer it, but the reasons listed above are why I feel it is better than the NCAA.