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Emily Wright, an ISU senior studying abroad in France, was in the Stade de France watching a soccer match when the terrorist attacks on Paris began. Wright said she heard loud noises during the game, but she only found out after the game ended when attendees rushed back into the stadium that the noises were the three bombs that had gone off at the stadium gates. 

Alex Hanson

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Terrorists kill 129 in Paris; search for perpetrators continues

Terrorists staged six separate attacks throughout the city of Paris last Friday, killing 129 people and injuring another 350. The attacks have put France and the rest of the world on high alert.

A total of 89 people were killed inside the Bataclan theater, where hundreds had gathered to see the American band Eagles of Death Metal. More were taken hostage in the theater until a police raid cleared the theater.

Three suicide bombers blew themselves up near the Stade de France in the Parisian suburb Saint-Denis. President François Hollande was present at the stadium during the explosions but was quickly evacuated.

Emily Wright, an ISU student studying abroad this semester, was present for the attacks.

“It was the scariest night of my life,” Wright told the Daily on Sunday. “I didn’t think I would ever have to experience something like that in my whole life. I didn’t even see any of the casualties, but just the thought that where I was was a target for a terrorist attack … it’s sickening.”

French police raided an apartment early Thursday morning, leading to the arrest of eight suspects and the death of two people connected to the attacks. A woman reportedly blew up herself in the raid, which injured several officers. People hiding in the apartment were “prepared to act” in another attack, officials told CNN.

The mastermind behind the attacks, Abdel­hamid Abaaoud, was killed in the raid, European officials told The Washington Post.

ISU students show support for Mizzou, protest racism at Iowa State

Several student groups staged a protest inside Beardshear Hall on Monday to show support for the University of Missouri and voice concerns about racism at Iowa State.

The Black Graduate Student Association, Black Student Alliance, African Students Association, the Latino Graduate Student Association and Latinos United for a Change were among the groups present.

More than 100 students, faculty and others gathered in the main entrance of Beardshear, where speakers talked about Mizzou and their experiences at Iowa State.

Attendees held signs that read “Black lives matter” and “#Solidarity” while occasionally erupting in chants and applause.

Some students were upset that ISU President Steven Leath was not present.

Leath released a statement saying the issue was important, but students cannot expect him to be in his office at certain times if they do not coordinate with him.

Bobby Jindal drops out of 2016 race

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal became the third Republican to drop out of the crowded Republican primary for president, citing 2016 as not being “his time.”

Jindal made the announcement on FOX News then released a longer statement saying it was been an honor to run for the nation’s highest office.

Jindal’s sudden announcement came to the surprise of many, as the two-term governor announced the day before he would continue his 99-county tour across Iowa. He was scheduled to be in Ames for a town hall Thursday.

The announcement also comes just days after he told the Iowa State Daily in an interview that his Iowa ground game would “pay off” come February’s Iowa Caucus.

Iowa State easily wins basketball home opener

Iowa State’s men’s basketball team easily defeated Chicago State in its home opener at Hilton Coliseum on Tuesday, beating the Cougars 106-64. 

Senior Jameel McKay stood out, scoring a career-high 25 points with nine dunks and 11 rebounds.

“I mean, I was open,” McKay said. “I just try every game to be the best player in the country.”

Heads up Ames: Snow is coming

Those who enjoyed the above-average temperatures throughout the first half of November will not be happy this weekend, as Ames and northwestern Iowa are under a Winter Storm Watch through Saturday morning.

Ames is forecast to get at least a few inches of snow, according to the National Weather Service. Parts of northwestern Iowa could see up to 7 inches of snow.

Snow should be widespread across Iowa by Friday afternoon before moving out Saturday. Temperatures will only reach the mid-20s this weekend and will drop into the single digits Saturday night.