ISU wrestling heals up before Iowa dual

Tanner Weatherman, redshirt senior, wrestles 165-pounds at the match against Midland University on Nov. 12.

Ben Visser

Rest, recover, repeat.

ISU wrestling had a grueling four-day stretch that saw the team wrestle a double dual against Midland and Boise State on Nov. 12. Two days later, the Cyclones wrestled in the Harold Nichols Cyclone Open. Some wrestlers were in as many as seven matches in the four-day stretch.

Naturally, injuries did occur. While none of the wrestlers sustained significant injuries, a few of them have minor injuries that need to heal up before No. 2 Iowa comes to Ames on Sunday.

The Cyclones had two weeks to get right and prepare for Iowa. The two weeks were important for Tanner Weatherman, who tweaked his knee in the championship round of the 165-pound weight class at the Harold Nichols Cyclone Open.

“We can get back in the [wrestling] room and focus on area’s of concentration, and start getting ready for [Iowa] two weeks in advance, instead of one week, like it normally would be,” Weatherman said. “Take a day or two off to get healthy, feel really good, get a good push in for training and then get ready.”

It’s important for the Cyclones to make sure none of the minor injuries turn into major ones. Wrestling has a long season so it’s important for the Cyclones to make sure their bodies get right.

Last season, the 133-pound Earl Hall had a minor foot injury that turned into a nagging injury that plagued him until the end of the season. At the Harold Nichols Cyclone Open, Hall banged up his fingers and received a cut on his head that required staples.

“Even at the tournament, … certain things started to bother me throughout the day,” Hall said. “The old Earl Hall would have made excuses, ‘Hey coach, pull me out.’ Stuff like that, but as the leader of the team I have to show the guys, ‘Hey I’m hurt too, but we all have to get through it.’

“I’m trying to inspire my guys to continue to fight regardless of how you feel.”

Many of the ISU wrestlers will be dealing with bumps and bruises throughout the season due to the sports physical nature. They won’t always feel 100 percent but they need to get their mindset right, especially before their matches.

Gabe Moreno had shoulder surgery in the offseason and needs to make sure he doesn’t reinjure the shoulder. He sat out of the Harold Nichols Cyclone Open to make sure he didn’t push himself too hard, too fast.

“[My shoulder] feels pretty good,” Moreno said. “It’s just a day-to-day thing. Some days, if I’m rehabbing hard it’ll be a little sore after doing all my workouts and then some days it’ll feel really nice after stretching and everything.”

The Cyclones need to monitor old injuries and stymie the minor injuries.

“They are a little sore, they are a little beat up but their attitude is good, they’re excited,’ said coach Kevin Jackson. “Having two weeks to train and prepare is a good thing if we can create that high, intense environment, which I think we have and we will.:

Gabe Moreno is ready for Iowa this weekend.

“We’d love to beat Iowa, and we’re going to.”