Concert Review: Dan Tedesco at Bar La Tosca


By Jacob Beals, [email protected]

Dan Tedesco performed at Bar La Tosca on Thursday, Nov. 12. Tedesco is a singer-songwriter who featured songs off his newest album.

Jacob Beals

Dan Tedesco, a talented singer and songwriter, performed Nov. 12 at Bar La Tosca, bringing his songs to life with his heartfelt guitar playing and singing.

He started the night with a song called “Mad Cow,” which was the first of many songs he played off his new self-titled album.

“Mad Cow” set the tone for the night. Like most of his songs, the lyrics were deep, influencing the audience think about their own life decisions.

After a quick self-introduction, Tedesco performed “The Outlier,” a song about breaking the mold in society and paving a unique path, even if some might not agree with it. 

The song had some wild and highly impressive guitar playing.

“Ain’t Meant to Be Alone” was the first love song he played during the night; it focused on the importance of a close relationship and how it can bring great things to life. 

Tedesco’s “Death in the Valley” was one of the darker songs he played. It had a message that questions the unfairness of society, but does it through a storytelling metaphor about unjustified violence.

Before a 10-minute intermission, Tedesco played “I Didn’t Come Here to Get Mellow.” The tone of this song was very upbeat and it expressed his desire to stand out and make a statement. 

“Favorite of All Time” was another love song played after intermission, focusing on an individual and how special they can be to a person. 

Tedesco made his lyrics about nature visible in “The Corn is Gettin High,” a song that related the things around us to the importance of slowing down in life.

“Back Home Again” was another visual song with lyrics about his own home, how important it was to be there and the fact that going home can help make a mind straight. 

Tedesco closed on a gentle song entitled “Waitin’ at the Gate,” which dealt with dreams and how sometimes people have to patient with them before they come true. 

All night, Tedesco brought a variety of deep, relatable music that invited audiences to ponder the deeper meaning of his lyrics. This, combined with the smaller setting at Bar La Tosca, brought a very intimate and authentic feeling to Tedesco’s show.