How to make the most of Thanksgiving break

Megan Gilbert

A well-deserved break from academia, Thanksgiving break has finally arrived for Iowa State students.

With an entire week void of classes, here are a few things that students should take advantage of:

1.) Sleep. With only a few weeks before dead week and finals, it’s a good idea to catch up on sleep while you can.

Without having to get up for class, you can sleep in as long as you want, which is an added bonus.

2.) Netflix. What would break be without being able to binge watch all of your favorite television series from the comfort of your own bed?

Popular series on the site include “Breaking Bad,” “Mad Men,” “Dexter” and “American Horror Story.”

3.) Eat. Finally back under your parents’ roof? Take advantage of their cooking before break is over, when you’re back to eating Ramen noodles and Cheetos in your dorm room.

4.) Laundry. No need to worry about finding quarters if you have a washing machine at home. Load up the dirty clothes that you’ve probably put off washing for a while and get them clean while you have the chance.

5.) Relax. You’ve got some time to yourself without the stress of classes, so make sure to get in some needed rest and relaxation before it’s time to get back to Ames.

6.) Enjoy!