Concert Review: Joe and Vicki Price


By Jacob Beals

Joe Price performs at the Bluestem stage on Sunday night. 

Jacob Beals

“Blues Night” at the Bluestem Stage brought couple Joe and Vicki Price from Decorah, Iowa, to Ames. The Prices put on a show full of original blues songs with a few covers thrown in.

At the beginning of the show, Joe Price arrived alone on stage with his bright teal guitar and started warming up before leading into a song that was all instrumental, showing off his guitar-playing skills.

His friendly interaction with the audience was clear from the beginning as he thanked attendees after every song. He made sure the audience had a good time by having a fun-loving attitude the entire night.

Attendees were hooked right from the start. They seemed mesmerized during the songs and cheered and clapped at the end of the wild guitar finish to every song.

After playing more instrumental music, Price added lyrics to his third song titled “The Suitcase Boogie.”

He separated his guitar playing from his singing to focus on the important instrumental parts of the song.

He also added his own percussion to the music throughout the night by tapping his feet on a steel board. It brought a new element to the show because the moving of his feet showed just how lively the music made him.

He next played a song he wrote more than 40 years ago titled “Chicago Northwestern Line.” Price said the song was based off of the time he worked on the railroad, and previous train songs he had listened to and loved.

Vicki Price arrived on stage 30 minutes into the show during the playing of a cover of “You are My Sunshine” and started on guitar.

The couple’s dynamic was very unique. Both guitars were distinguishable, and their voices followed suit — Joe Price’s was mellow, while Vicki Price’s tone was loud and powerful. Together they created a perfect bluesy tone.

“Don’t let Worry Lay on You” was the first song that Vicki Price sang. The highly encouraging song featured lyrics about letting go of the past and the things that go wrong in life.

The couple’s relationship was noticeable on stage, as they both moved to each other’s music and faced each other while playing. It was like they were playing together but also listening and enjoying each other’s sound, which really added to the performance.

The couple also made multiple jokes on stage and continued to keep the audience engaged. The Prices also encouraged audience engagement. 

They even recorded a new song live and asked audience members to clap loud at the end. The audience members didn’t have to be told do so, as they were already excited.

The Prices brought a very intimate and interactive performance to the Bluestem Stage that is not typically seen by other artists. Their love for blues music and each other truly showed on stage and made them stand out from other duos.