Iowa representative supports Supply Chain Initiative at College of Business

Alia Mortenson

State Representative Kraig Paulsen will work with David Spalding, dean of the College of Business, on implementing a new program called the Supply Chain Initiative beginning in January 2016.

The Supply Chain Initiative is following products from its manufacturing site to the store shelves, where consumers pick them up. The process for a Supply Chain Initiative trip is listed below:

1. Going to the factory to see when the product is made, in China for example.  

2. Going to the port to see where the product is loaded onto ships to be brought to the United States. 

3. Going a port in the United States to see the process of getting the product to the distributors.

4. Going to a distributor, which has been in Cedar Falls, Iowa, for previous trips, to see the product be sent out to the stores. 

5. Lastly, going to the stores such as Target to see the product on the shelves.

The Supply Chain Initiative is an in-depth process that takes considerable man power to make the process run smoothly. Paulsen and Spalding are looking forward to working together and bringing better opportunities to faculty and students of the College of Business through the program.