Meet Javier Vela the College of LAS’s new equity advisor

Eric Wirth

Associate Professor Javier Vela was recently selected as the new equity advisor for the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences last week.

Vela, who received his bachelor’s degree from the National Autonomous University of Mexico in 2001 and his master’s and doctoral degrees in 2003 and 2005 respectively, is currently working on research such the development of new optical nanomaterials. He’s also researching biological imaging and energy conservation. 

Vela is succeeding Lisa Larson, a psychology professor, in the position as equity advisor. Vela’s new title will put him in charge of helping the college work on issues that relate to diversity and inclusion among students and faculty. As the equity advisor, he’ll also represents the college at the university level.

“A more diverse environment is better for everybody on campus,” Vela said. “It’s good for students and it’s good for staff.”

Vela joined the university in 2009, and received tenure earlier this year.