Mayday Parade to perform at Wooly’s


Courtesy of Mayday Parade

Mayday Parade will be supported by Real Friends, This Wild Life and As It Is for the AP Tour on Oct. 30. 

Andi Schieszler

The Alternative Press Tour will include a stop at Wooly’s in Des Moines at 6:30 p.m. Friday for an all-ages show. The bands that will perform will be Mayday Parade, Real Friends, This Wild Life and As It Is. Tickets for the show are currently sold out on Ticketfly. 

Alternative Press is an alternative music magazine that sponsors a yearly tour of alternative type music. It publishes articles in a print magazine and online.

Alternative Press has been covering the alternative music scene for 30 years and provides readers with posters, interviews of bands, as well as up-and-coming musicians.

Mayday Parade is a five-piece rock band from Tallahassee, Fla. It was formed in 2005 and has released seven studio albums and EPs. Its most recent album, “Black Lines,” was released this past year.

“There is a lot of new stuff in Black Lines,” said Jeremy Lenzo of Mayday Parade. “There is a lot more rock versus pop songs. We just wanted something where people wouldn’t think it’s the same Mayday Parade.”

Lenzo said as the band members have gotten older, they’ve wanted their songs to change with them. While the sound has changed, Lenzo said it still sounds like Mayday Parade.

“We are getting older and wanted to try out different stuff,” Lenzo said. “I want people to know we are very proud of our album and want people to give it a shot.”

Lenzo said Mayday Parade wanted to tour for “Black Lines” and it was in the process of putting together a tour when Alternative Press reached out about headlining the AP Tour.

Mayday Parade will perform five songs on the AP Tour. Three of the songs will be from “Black Lines” and two songs will from older albums. Some of the songs rotate from each state because some people see the concert at multiple venues.

“We have the most production we’ve ever had on this tour,” Lenzo said. “ I would hope [concert attendees] have a good time and have a lot of energy.”

Real Friends, This Wild Life and As It Is will support Mayday Parade..

Real Friends is a five-piece, pop-punk band from Tinley Park, Ill. It’s currently released six EPs and one full-length album. Real Friends released its first EP in 2011.

This Wild Life is a two-piece acoustic band from Long Beach, Calif., that formed in 2011. It has released four records — EPs and full-lengths.

As It Is was formed in the United Kingdom in 2012. It has released three EPs and just released its debut full-length album this year.

More information about the AP Tour can be found on the event’s Facebook Page.