Gridiron Staff Picks: Oklahoma

2020-2021 Assistant Sports Editor Matt Belinson.

Noah Rohlfing

Iowa State takes on the No. 9 Oklahoma Sooners Saturday night, and the Daily’s sports editors (plus a special guest) have made their picks.

Matt Belinson, Assistant Sports Editor (6-2)

Iowa State 31, Oklahoma 28

I know, I know. You are probably saying, “Matt, Iowa State just lost to Oklahoma State and Purdy didn’t play that great!” You will be right in saying that. Oklahoma lost two weeks ago as well. This college football in the Big 12 — where craziness never seems to end. Iowa State’s defense will make a national statement against Heisman candidate Jalen Hurts. Purdy will not throw 60 times and the Cyclone’s offense will be balanced and able to hang with the Sooners. Hot take: Connor Assallley makes a field goal late that ends up being the deciding factor.

Noah Rohlfing, Sports Editor (6-2)

Iowa State 24, Oklahoma 38

This isn’t 2017 anymore. Both teams are better off now than they were two years ago, but in one particular case, I think the Sooners have the advantage — offense. This is not exactly news to anyone, I’m sure, but the Sooners are once again one of the best units in the country. The Sooners are more efficient than they were in their previous two seasons with Heisman-winning quarterbacks, and I think Jalen Hurts’ ability to make something out of nothing and run the ball will put Oklahoma over the top.

Zane Douglas, Assistant Sports Editor (6-2)

Iowa State 31, Oklahoma 38

For the first time since 2015, the home team will win this game and the Sooners will do it with the same margin that the Cyclones beat them by in 2017. There has been a ton of turnover on both teams since that 2017 showdown, but one thing stays the same — Oklahoma is the better team. Led by Jalen Hurts and a Heisman-producing head coach in Lincoln Riley, the perennial best offense in the Big 12 is as good as ever. Iowa State’s defense will have its hands full and Oklahoma will squash any chance of the Cyclones making a Big 12 championship run.

Annelise Wells, Editor-in-Chief

Iowa State 24 , Oklahoma 21

During my freshman year, Iowa State beat Oklahoma and started the program on an upward direction. So, call me biased, but I have a loyalty to the cyclones that is unmatched. During that year no one really had any faith in the Cyclones, and after the past few games, the feeling seems similar. But I think Iowa State will do what they did a few years ago. I’m not saying that it won’t be a close game, but the Cyclones will thrive on the pressure. Cardinal and Gold forever, baby.