Undateable goes live

Dalton Gackle

“Undateable” is poised to make sitcom history Friday night. For the first time ever, the sitcom is going to be broadcast live.

The show will premier at 7 p.m. on NBC.

Undateable,” starring Chris D’Elia and Brent Morin, is a sitcom on NBC, where a bar owner and his roommate become best friends, each of them becoming the other’s longest lasting relationship. They, along with the rest of their friends, consider themselves to be undateable.

Last season, “Undateable” broadcast one episode live, which was well received, featuring guest star Ed Sheeran and several former cast members from Scrubs.

The live format changes the show entirely. The script will serve as the driving force for the show to move along, but the actors have some leeway when it comes to saying their lines.

If they mess up or if something pops into an actor’s head, they might say something off script, and a new improv element comes into play.

“If the actors are comfortable with improv, it will bring more variety to the show,” said ISU Grandma Mojo’s Moonshine Revival performer Brady Carnahan, junior in communication studies. “They get to incorporate stuff that normally wouldn’t be in the script.”

The random nature of the actors reacting to one another could cause tangents to the main plot and scripting.

“It’s just fun to see where it goes when it’s not prepared,” Carnahan said.

The show is also taking other aspects of improv, in the form of audience interaction. “Undateable” will feature live tweets that it will incorporate into the show.

“Television broadcasters are increasingly leveraging social media to better reach all of us watching at home,” said Jan Boyles, assistant journalism professor and social media researcher. “More specifically, television shows are integrating social media into the broadcast to forge deeper conversations with the audience.”

The tweets will help the show progress in the new live format, letting the show know what is working and what isn’t.

“By engaging in the social space with viewers, broadcasters can better tailor content to match audience needs and desires,” Boyles said.

Engaging an audience with an ever-shortening attention span is important to have success and stay on air.

“Mojo’s has had live tweeting experiences, and they have gone over really well,” Carnahan said. “Tweeting garners high audience interaction, which really helps us out.”

Undateable will feature new guest stars this season, musical acts and a puppy giveaway.