Concert Review: Pieta Brown, Bo Ramsey and The Lawn Chairs

Jacob Beals

The Lawn Chairs opened for Pieta Brown and Bo Ramsey at the Bluestem Stage on Saturday night. This was Bluestem’s first show this month, and and it drew one of the biggest crowds of the season.

At the beginning of the show, local band The Lawn Chairs organized its five band members on stage in its final tour together.

One thing that was noticeable about The Lawn Chairs almost instantly is how much sound the members can make out of few instruments and voices. Their music and vocals have a way of blending together that caught the audience’s attention right away.

Most of the songs in the band’s performance were original songs with some covers mixed in. Its songs were laid out with special instrument and vocal solos, so members got their own chance to stand out. One of the most notable solos was a guitar solo played by Mike McCullough.

The Lawn Chairs ended their set with the song “Rio Grande,” which really showed the group’s harmonic strengths using vocals and instruments. This song got the audience excited and was a true favorite.

Fifteen minutes later, Pieta Brown and Bo Ramsey appeared at the back of the room. They walked quietly onto the stage, excited and smiling. Cheers began right at the start, even before the music began.

They started out with a couple of songs, and then Brown happily greeted the audience, making everyone feel welcome. While introducing herself, she talked about her Iowa heritage and how thrilled she was to be touring in the state. 

Brown and Ramsey showed off their skills on the guitar, Brown on acoustic and Ramsey on electric. Though they were only playing two instruments, it sounded like there were many more.

Ramsey used four electric guitars throughout the night, each with a unique sound.

Brown took over most of the lead vocals, with Ramsey adding in backup, creating an interesting harmony. They moved fluidly to every song and were clearly passionate about playing.

Brown shared numerous stories throughout the night about how she wrote some of her songs, keeping the audience entertained between songs. 

Brown’s part of the concert lasted for about an hour and a half, and she did not leave her audience unsatisfied. Many groaned when Brown announced her final song, and they cheered for an encore while her and Ramsey walked off stage. Brown and Ramsey came back on stage really excited to play one last song and gave the concert at Bluestem a great ending.