Cyclones’ lack of finishing results in loss


Brian Bandyk of Cyclone Hockey races University of Illinois player Tyler Opilka to the puck. Iowa State hockey faced University of Illinois on Nov. 8.

Nash Vanbibber

Cyclone Hockey faced Minot State again Saturday night, the same team that ended the Cyclone’s hopes and dreams last season in the 2019 national championship game.

The Cyclones were defeated by the Beavers 3-1.

Between these two teams, 3-1 has been a reoccurring number. All three times the Cyclones and Beavers have met in 2019, the score has been 3-1 — all in favor of the Beavers.

During the first period, there were five shots in the first five minutes. The Beavers had three icings in the early minutes of the first period and it seemed like they were on their heels until Beaver’s Adam Locke forced a turnover.

Locke’s turnover led to a score at the 11:10 minute mark — this was his 14th goal of the year. This was also the Beavers’ fourth shot attempt.

“We had breakdowns throughout the whole game, and we couldn’t finish all weekend,” head coach Jason Fairman said. “These are similarities we have had all year.”

During the eight-minute mark of the first period, the Beavers had a power play and could not execute. Kozak and the Cyclones kept their ground and did not allow a single goal. Kozak ended with 13 saves at the end of the first period.

Fairman said this loss had a high impact on the team’s veterans.

“Kozak played well for us tonight, my concern is not being able to capitalize on our chances,” Fairman said.

Each team equally shared possession of the puck during the second period. The Cyclones and Beavers had chances to score in power plays in the second period. Nothing landed.

The Cyclones maintained possession of the puck in the first half of the second period — there was a power play to begin the second period for the Cyclones, but they could not secure a goal. The Cyclones had another power play at the 14-minute mark after slashing from the Beavers but the Cyclones yet again could not snag a goal.

“We have to be better on power plays, period,” Fairman said.

In the last half of the second period, the Beavers maintained possession of the puck and had a power play at the 4:30 mark but could not secure a goal.

After a silent second period by both teams, the Beavers came out swinging by snagging two goals in the third period.

“These two goals were blown coverage on our part, and it is unacceptable,” Fairman said.

Beavers’ Robertson gets his ninth goal of the season and scored during the 12-minute mark of the third period. This was the insurance goal the Beavers needed to escape to 2-0.

With just six minutes left in the third, the Beavers snuck another goal in making it 3-0.

In the last minutes of the third period the Cyclones scored, but it was not enough to secure a win.

Cyclone Hockey will travel again next weekend to face Colorado State on Nov. 22 and Nov. 23 in Fort Collins, Colorado.