The Rodeo Club gets $1000 donation from Deery Brothers


Kyle Schlichting/Iowa State Daily

Justin Burgess participates in the tie down roping event at Cyclone Stampede on Oct. 4. The stampede was hosted by the ISU Rodeo Club and rodeo contestants from universities across the Midwest competed. The event was hosted at the newly constructed agriculture learning center. 

Mary Rominger

The Iowa State Rodeo Club was presented with one-thousand dollar donation check from the Deery Brothers on Friday. 

The Deery Brothers are the local supporters to the Rodeo Club for the larger corporation, Dodge Ram, which is the national supporter for the National Intercollegiate Rodeo Association (NIRA). 

“We have partnered with them for years now and have had a lot of success with their help.” said Andrea Thorp, vice president of the club.

All the members in the club have excitement and optimism. This donation allows them to exploit the new and lively opportunities ahead of them.

“Its is hard to be a smaller club that represents a sport most don’t even know exists within the student body,” Thorpe said.  “We have had a lot of new members this year, and we just finished out a profitable year for our college rodeo. And the donation is like icing on the cake for us.”

The Rodeo Club doesn’t have a set plan for the money, but the members do know that they want to contribute it to certain events held by the club.

“The donation will definitely help our future events, such as our Cowboy Ball held in the spring, go smoothly.” Thorpe said. “We also now have the means to reach out in our fundraising and possibly organize more events during the year to get students involved.”

So far this year the Rodeo Club put many members in the top-10 national potentials list. Although they haven’t had anyone place on a national scale, they are still ones to watch as they are just four rodeos in together.