Cy-Hawk series info

Luke Manderfeld

The Cy-Hawk series was developed in 2004-05 pitting Iowa State against Iowa athletics. Academics weren’t added as a contributor until 2011.

Each sport is worth two points with the exception of football [three points] and academics [one point]. 

The 2014-15 season marked the first time either school claimed back-to-back titles, when Iowa State won its second consecutive Cy-Hawk titles by a score of 15-11. Prior to that, the Cyclones and the Hawkeyes alternated victories. 

Here’s a look at how this weekend’s Cy-Hawk games will contribute to the 2015-16 series:

  •  Soccer- 6:30 p.m. in Iowa City: 2 points
  •  Volleyball- 8 p.m. in Iowa City, 2 points
  • Football- 3:45 p.m. in Ames, 3 points