GENRE Terrace Teardown Part 2 Review


By Andi Schieszler, [email protected]

GENRE Music hosted a free show on the Memorial Union Terrace 8 p.m. Saturday .

Andi Schieszler

The sun had just started to set, the temperature slowly lowering. String lights glowing, draped over amplifiers, and strobe lights illuminating the side of the Memorial Union. Guitars lined the railings of the terrace and cords snaked across the ground.

At its peak population, the bands of Gathering Everyone Nearby to Raucously Entertain, GENRE, performed to an audience of approximately 100 people.

Only four of the advertised six bands were able to play due ILLWAY and Foxholes having to drop out of the event.

Prior to the concert beginning the members of GENRE were greeting people waiting at the Memorial Union.

Promptly at 8 p.m. on Saturday the first band of GENRE opened the Terrace Teardown Part 2. Projekt Theory, an alternative rock band, played original songs and covered well-known songs such as Fountains of Wayne’s “Stacy’s Mom.”

Projekt Theory’s bassist was not able to be at the event; however, they performed with Justin Booth, president of GENRE Music, as a fill-in bassist. Along with performing with a stand-in member, some of the microphones randomly shut off and gave feedback. Nevertheless they still engaged the crowd.

 “If you want to sing along we want to hear your beautiful voices too,” Carson Gande, lead vocalist and keyboard player of Projekt Theory, said.

After breaking into Jimmy Eat World’s “The Middle” the crowd sang and clapped along to the prominent bass drum.

Following Projekt Thoery was the three-man fuzz-rock band Solár.

Similar to Projekt Theory, Solár was missing a player. Their normal drummer had a hurt ligament and wasn’t able to play the drums. Solár’s bassist, Will Searight, ISU sophomore in aerospace engineering, filled in on drums and Riley Gossling, ISU senior in mechanical engineering, filled in on bass guitar. 

Despite having to rearrange their lineup and having some issues with microphones, the band was still able to perform a full set. Starting at 8:35 p.m. Solár played originals and covers. Both Searight and guitarist Andy Mabis, senior in meteorology, acted as vocalists.

The third band to perform, Kickstart the Sun, an alternative-rock band, started at 9:08 p.m. Kickstart the Sun performed to the largest crowd of the night, about 100 people. Kickstart the Sun was the last band to have issues with the microphones and after fixing the issue with Booth’s microphone the problems ended.

Along with getting people to clap along with both the original songs and covers, the crowd started to do the wave and start cheering after the drummer, Booth, admitted to some silence being awkward.

“I’m going to talk because this is awkward,” Booth said. “If you yell really loud it’s no longer awkward.”

Kickstart the Sun filled empty time where guitarists needed to tune with drum solos and guitar solos. Booth also stood up from behind his drum kit and ripped off his shirt, eliciting cheers from the crowd.

MindFire, a metal band, finished the concert, starting their set at 9:43 p.m. MindFire played original songs as well as covers, such as Black Sabbath and Avenged Sevenfold.

Vocalist Andrew Hess enticed the crowed to be only three feet from the band. The crowd moshed and rode each other’s hands throughout the entirety of the set.

Following Hess’ incident of chugging too much water and needing to puke over the balcony of the Memorial Terrace the other members of the band filled time by soloing. Hess played the incident off and immediately went back to performing.

When the concert finished it was only 54-degrees outside. Audience members filtered out following the end of the concert, many of which who were bundled up from the cold air.

GENRE Music is hoping to host more concerts similar to the Terrace Teardown Part 2.