Pope Francis in the U.S.

Carolina Colon

Hispanic students at Iowa State reacted to the visiting of the leader of the Catholic church and expressed their hopes for the outcome of his trip to the United States.

Pope Francis’ airplane landed Tuesday in Washington D.C. He will be in the United States until Sunday.

His stops in Washington include the White House, St. Matthews Cathedral, Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception to give a mass in Spanish for an estimated 25,000 people; Capitol Building and St. Patrick’s Catholic Church.

Francis will continue his journey through New York by visiting the United Nations, 9/11 Memorial Museum, Our Lady Queen of Angels School, Central Park and a mass at Madison Square Garden.

His last stop is Philadelphia. His first point of interest is the Cathedral Basilica of Saints Peters and Paul and will next stop at Independence Mall. Then, Francis will go to Benjamin Franklin Parkway, St.Martin’s Chapel of St. Charles Borromeo Seminary, Curran–Fromhold Correctional Facility and the Atlantic Aviation.

Catholic Hispanics have different opinions toward the Pope, but most have experienced a big influence in their families.

“In my opinion, I think the pope has influenced the Hispanic culture in various ways,” said Jasmin Cabrera, junior in psychology. “First, just the fact that he is from Argentina is a big thing. He is a very caring person and is a great representation of the Hispanic culture.”

Berenice Real, junior in psychology, explained how in Mexico they celebrated Pope Francis.

“Since the beginning, Hispanics brought a lot of pride out,” Real said. “I was in Mexico, that was a happy event, they were all hoping for more connection, relatedness with culture.”

Hispanics have been strongly affected by the comments Trump has made recently, particularly about immigration. Many desire that Pope Francis calm some things down.

“I think that him coming to America is a great thing,” Cabrera said. “I think that is what all Americans need, because Trump has brought out the worst in people. Having the pope come to America will definitely make people rethink their values. I would like him to touch on the topic of immigration and what his thoughts are on that.”

Diego Trejo-Soria, junior in industrial engineering, does not think this will change people’s perspective toward the Trump situation.

Trejo-Soria said “I do not think Catholicism has anything to do with the Trump situation.” 

Cabrera said “Pope Francis serves as a role model for many international students here at Iowa State because he represents the Latino group in an important way. 

“I think the popes visit will be very impactful, Cabrera said. “And will definitely set people’s values and beliefs straight.”