Six types of students you see at club meetings

Abbigail Epperson

When you go to a university with more than 800 clubs and organizations, it is very likely that you will find the need to sign up for at least one. If you attended Club Fest, you probably signed up for a lot more than that. Maybe it was for the free candy or maybe it was because you were genuinely interested. Regardless, when you take the time to attend a meeting, there will be several types of people there. Here are just a few of the most common.

  1. The Go-Getter

The most excited attendee of club meetings. Go-Getters are the ones who have been to every single meeting and activity of the club since their freshman year. They are the ones who are most likely to go to graduate school just so they can continue to attend meetings. They can usually be found wearing a t-shirt representing the organization. If you’re lucky you might even catch them taking notes of everything being said by the leader of the meeting.

  1. The Lazy Boy

Unlike the Go-Getter, the Lazy Boy will attend meetings only when it is most convenient for them. They are most likely there because it will look good on a job application. Often, the Lazy Boy has been a member of a club for a long time but cannot tell you one of the organization’s usual activities. They can often be found on their phones in the back of the room, only popping their heads up when they hear an announcement about something mildly entertaining.

  1. The “Friend”

This type is fairly self-explanatory. They are the one who is only there because their friend is an active member of the club. Often, they will be a close friend of the president or another leader of the group. Much like the Lazy Boy, they can often be seen playing on their phones until whoever brought them there gives them the evil eye so they will focus.

  1. The Subscriber

This attendee may not go to many meetings, but they sure as heck know when every activity is. The Subscriber is the person who goes and signs up for everything at Clubfest that sounds even mildly interesting to them. They are then stuck with the backlash for the rest of the semester when they have a full inbox every day of club emails. If there is anybody to ask about what time everything goes on, the Subscriber is definitely your go to person.

  1. The One-Timer

Typically found at the beginning of the semester, a One-Timer is pretty hard to spot because they go to a single meeting and then never show up again. The One-Timer may seem very enthusiastic at the initial meeting, but as soon as they realize there is any sort of time commitment involved, they are out. Some One-Timers may also be students who are excited to join until they realize that the club’s meetings are at the same time as every other club they wanted to sign up for. Don’t blame the One-Timers for not coming back; it is just who they are.

  1. The One Who Is Not Like The Others

This attendee is most likely looking for another club, but by the time they realize their mistake, they are too invested in not looking foolish.  This person will most likely hang out and watch the meeting until the opportunity strikes and they can get the heck out of dodge. These usually are a lot less frequent as the semester goes on, or they just get a lot better at hiding their mistake.


What type of club goer are you?