ASF: social media tips

Ben Moran

1. Don’t post pictures or videos with explicit materials. If it’s illegal, it’s a bad idea.

2. Monitor who can and can’t see your social media. 100% Private isn’t always private.

3. Abstain from profanities and racial slurs.

4. Stay informed and keep track of who and what gets associated with your social media. Connections are everything.

5. If you have second thoughts about what you’re posting, don’t post it. Duh.

6. Don’t allow spam on your social media. One minute it’s Oakley’s, then it’s porn.

7. Stop posting about your problems, no one cares.

8. Make sure what you post is professional. If you were an employer, where is the line drawn?

9. Don’t bully or harass. You don’t know who is watching.

10. Lying on social media could create problems. Stay classy, not trashy.