Strange phobias

Noah Cary

1)   Aquaphobia – The fear of water.

                        Though it may sound strange being afraid of something that is essential to life. Aquaphobia can come as a result of being pushed into water as a child or some other traumatic incident stemming from water as a youth. Interestingly this phobia is said to affect 1 in 50 Icelandic residents.

2)   Barophobia – The fear of gravity.

                        This phobia can take two forms. It can be the fear of being crushed by the shear weight of gravity, or just the opposite, falling off the face of the Earth if gravity were to ever stop existing.

3)   Globophobia – The fear of balloons.

                        This phobia often goes hand in hand with phonophobia (fear of loud noises). Globophobics main fear is with balloons popping around them, which causes them to avoid parties and often not trust those holding balloons.

4)   Halitophobia – The fear of bad breath.

                        Nobody likes bad breath, but this phobia is estimated to affect between 0.5 and 1 percent of the adult population. People with halitophobia are obsessed with gaining reassurance from friends and strangers that their breath is not bad.


5)   Nomophobia- The fear of not having a mobile phone.

                        Nobody likes to be without their phone, but people with this phobia are rendered useless without it.

6)   Phobophobia – The fear of having fear.

                        This phobia is developed unconsciously and leads sufferers to having panic attacks, dizzy spells and other anxiety-related symptoms.