Ames Community Theater’s Nunsense opens this weekend

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Tianxin Wen

The Ames Community Theater’s ACTORS will perform Nunsense, a hilarious new musical and international phenomenon, from Friday to Sept. 27.

Nunsense follows the story of Sister Julia, child of God, who accidentally poisons the vichyssoise soup and kills 52 of her fellow nuns. With four nuns left to bury, the Sisters of Hoboken host a variety show to raise money for their funeral.

Director Veronica Skaar offered a new interpretation of the play for this adaptation of Nunsense.

“It is pretty fun,” said Rebecca Masucci, who plays Mother Superior. “These nuns are irreverent. They like to sing and dance, telling crazy jokes. It is a little shocking, and we got really good jokes in the cast.”

Masucci has a full-time job as a project manager. Although she does not have a professional musical background, she is interested in art and volunteered to act in Nunsense.

Masucci practices singing and rehearses her lines in the car during her commute from Des Moines to Ames four times a week for rehearsal.

“We really do have a lot of fun, especially when you’re up on a stage,” Masucci said. “It’s a huge rush [of] excitement. Having everybody coming together and the whole process is worth it.”

Skaar works full-time at a bank and volunteers as a director for the Ames Community Theater. She graduated from Iowa State and majored in performing arts.

“My mother has been in this play when I was young,” Skaar said. “Thus, I am so excited that I got the chance to direct it after such a long time.”

 Skaar said everyone would love Nunsense, including adults and children. 

“I enjoy that it is not the same show each night because they invent so much [for] their characters and make different choices every night,” Skaar said. “I am happy to see things grow and change throughout the process.”

ACTORS’ production of Nunsense will perform at 7:30 p.m. Friday and Saturday and Sept. 24-26. The play will also perform and at 2 p.m. Sept. 27 at the Ames Community Theater.

Tickets are available on the ACTORS website.

For more information on Nunsense and for ticket prices, visit the ACTORS web page for Nunsense.