Types of people who walk in late to an 8am

Felicia Dacosta

Types of people who walk in late to an 8am

8 AM’s are brutal. You have to snooze your five alarms time after time to only mentally prepare yourself to get up, try your hardest to lethargically sit up, then slowly but surely get ready to go. I can only imagine morning people flourish for these early classes. But for the majority of students, it’s assumable that most of us have been late to an early class. In a huge lecture hall, you’ll see all types of students. Here are a few common types of people who walk in late to an 8AM.

1. The overdressed girl.

Every Monday morning, there will always be that one girl who’s dressed to the nines for her 8AM. The rest of us have to ask, how? Please, share your secret powers with the rest of us.

2. The longboarder.

We all know this cool guy. He’ll walk in, Justin Bieber his hair to the side while clutching his longboard and make his way to the far back of the class.

3. The bum.

The bum describes 90% of us. Who has the energy to look good that early in the morning? Not me. Don’t judge.

4. The athlete.

This is the person that walks in with headphones, running shoes and sweats. Kudos to you, sir. Despite our slight jealousy of your healthy lifestyle, we applaud you.

5. The hipster.

Coffee in hand, messenger bag to one side, headphones in and a look of judgment directed towards all of those in favor of “pop culture,” plastered across their face.