Bus Etiquette


Noah Cary

With increased enrollment this semester at ISU you can expect there to be some confusion on Cyride. Besides learning the routes and schedules of the bus, it is also important to learn how to ride the bus without upsetting any of the other riders.

1: First and foremost: your backpack is not a person, therefore it does not need a seat on the bus. If you are riding the bus and happen to be one of the first people on, please take the window seat and set your backpack on your lap.

2: The back of the bus DOES have standing space. When the bust driver is asking for everyone to move as far back as possible in an effort to fit as many people as possible on the bus, that does not mean stop midway at the stairs but rather all the way to the back of the bus.

3: Move back if people get on the bus. We know that your friend managed to get a seat while you got stuck standing. But if a large number of people are trying to get on the bus, break off your conversation and move down the aisle with the rest of the pack so there will be space for everyone to get on.

4: Know where the bus is going before you get on. Everyone has a schedule and a place to be, so do not hold up the bus and all of its passengers by having a conversation with driver.

5. Enter through the front doors and exit through the rear. This just makes the stops smoother when there is a large volume of riders.