No place like home


Alix Goldwasser’s dorm room shows how organized she and her roommate are.

Rebecca Haars

Freshman Alix Goldwasser’s dorm room is more coordinated than most, largely due to her mother’s professional interior design assistance.

Like many students, Goldwasser appreciated this effort because making a dorm room feel cozy is an important first step to a successful semester. 

Roommates Goldwasser and Mckenna Rochford, both freshman in open option, said being organized and coordinating colors are two very important components when it comes to making a dorm room feel like home.

 “An organized dorm room feels more homey. I think it makes you feel more comfortable,” said Rochford.

Goldwasser and Rochford went with a black and white color scheme for it’s classic, clean look, they said. The later added in the red for a color pop. 

Some color schemes that seemed to be popping up frequently are yellow and grey, teal, coral, and the traditional black and white, the two said of the other dorm rooms on their floor in Maple. However, for some students, taking a more hands-on approach is necessary to acquire that “homey” feeling. 

“I made a mess, and I made coffee,” said Aaron Ramsey, a freshman in electrical engineering, of his homemaking techniques. 

Ramsey made it his mission to get comfortable and settled as soon as possible. For some students, getting settled can simply be making messes in their own room or doing their laundry.

Creatively decorating the walls with various pieces of artwork and posters is how Megan Noem, a freshman in open option, achieved that familiar home feeling. Additionally, students are hanging pictures and adding personal touches, such as stuffed animals and other small trinkets that they brought from their previous rooms.

Chris Sible, a junior in marketing and apparel, merchandising, and design, found a large poster from the Iowa State Poster Fair to put on one side of his room.

Iowa State offers many different opportunities for students to buy reasonably priced decorations to help make their rooms be their own. Cameron Sheard, freshman in mechanical engineering, had the same idea when he brought his Green Bay Packer game schedule for his wall.

By adding personal touches, the bare dorm rooms everyone first moves into can easily be turned into a “homey” living space, Goldwasser and Rochford said.