May news in review


Korrie Bysted/Iowa State Daily

Danny McDonald received the athlete of the year award during the opening ceremonies of the Special Olympics Iowa Summer Games on Thursday, May 22.

Isd Staff

May 9 – ISU club baseball team advances to National Club Baseball Association World Series

The ISU club baseball team defeated Iowa on May 9 in the Mid America Regional Championship, earning its first ever bid to the National Club Baseball Association World Series.

The Cyclones fell short of making it to the Mid-America Regional tournament the past two years, despite having a chance for an at-large bid.

“The [tournament] was the best moment I’ve ever had in baseball,” senior outfielder Mitch Gerber said. “It was an experience that I’ll never forget — an unbelievable experience. We played the best 21 innings of baseball all year at the right time.”

May 11 – Construction begins on new residence hall

Construction of the new residence hall next to Buchanan Hall began May 11.

The residence hall costs $49.5 million and will be eight stories tall, housing nearly 800 students. The hall will open in spring 2017.

“The first floor has a big activity room, a big main lounge, it has a hall desk, hall director offices and lots of meeting spaces for various groups,” Director of Residence Peter Englin said.

May 12 – Nepal is struck by second earthquake in less than a month

After getting hit by a magnitude-7.8 earthquake on April 25, Nepal was struck by a magnitude-7.3 earthquake on May 12. Members of the Nepal Student Association at Iowa State reacted with fundraising efforts at the Ames Main Street Farmers’ Market.

After the first earthquake hit, the student association set up a fundraising website to donate to the Red Cross. Members expanded those efforts by selling foodstuffs at the farmers’ market after the second earthquake hit.

“It has tore us all apart, especially those who are living abroad,” Nepal Student Association member Shree Banjara said. “[My family’s] house has been uninhabitable; they are living outside in a tent. They are all scared, but I think it’s not as [bad] as if you had to lose anyone from your family.”

May 16 – Bobby Jindal makes stop in Ames

Presidential candidate and Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal stopped in Ames on May 16 before attending the Iowa GOP’s Lincoln Dinner in Des Moines.

Jindal told the crowd the biggest threat facing the United States is terrorism. He said terroists are not just overseas and there is a need to protect the homeland.

May 17 – Rick Santorum visits Nevada, Iowa

Presidential candidate Rick Santorum, R-Pa., spoke at a town hall style meeting at Quirks Bar and Grill in Nevada, Iowa, on May 17.

Santorum talked to a group of 25 to 30 people about the need for manufacturing and low-skill jobs in rural communities, his views on the American family and his support for the continuation of the renewable fuels standard.

“The things that create wealth in small towns like this have left,” Santorum said in regard to manufacturing plants.

May 21 – Special Olympics Iowa Summer Games witnesses history

Danny McDonald became the first wheelchair-bound athlete to be named Special Olympics Iowa Athlete of the Year on May 21.

“Danny was always the first to shake your hand before and after every competition,” reader Pam Wagner said during the announcement of athlete of the year. “He always has the mentally of a winner, which is why he deserves this award.”

May 22 – Older sister saves brother in attempted abduction

A teenage girl rescued her younger brother from a male suspect who forcibly removed the boy from their home in the early morning hours on May 22, police said.

The child was treated for minor injuries and released from Mary Greely Medical Center.

May 30 – Bernie Sanders talks free college, income inequality in Ames

Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, D-Vt., talked to supporters in Ames about starting a “political revolution” and stressed income inequality as one of the biggest problems America is faced with.

“In the last two years the wealthiest 14 people saw their wealth increase by $157 billion,” Sanders said. “We need a country and a government which works for all of us, and not just for a handful of wealthy individuals.”